The average internet user wastes around 5 minutes each time they open a new tab to «check Twitter real quick».

Compound this over months, and you'll be wasting thousands of hours a year.

Momoise effectively blocks these distractions and helps rewire your brain so you re-learn not to open Twitter when you get stuck at something. It's a powerful way of modifying a bad habit.

Over a month, the average Momoise user can save dozens of hours they can spend either being more productive or enjoying life.

Plus, it's not only about time, but also about money. If your hourly rate is, say $50, you could be saving up to $2,000 a month in wasted work time!

Momoise works on a personal, per-browser license model. This means every single computer needs its own Momoise license to work: if you desire, for example, to use Momoise both on your laptop and in your desktop, you should get two different licenses.

If you want to stop using Momoise on your current computer and would like to switch the license to a new one, just activate the license on the new computer and the old one will be automatically deactivated.

You can absolutely buy more than one license! Please contact [email protected] for more info.

Momoise is a Google Chrome extension, so it will work on any desktop computer capable of running Google Chrome.

Right now Momoise blocks the distracting content in Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Youtube. The number of supported sites keeps increasing with every update, and you can suggest more sites that Momoise should support here.

Of course! That's the main point of Momoise: to block only the distracting parts of time-wasting sites, while keeping the productive functionality intact.

You can access the Momoise dashboard at any time by clicking the Momoise icon located on the top bar, near the address bar.

If you're wondering where does the main figure in Momoise come from (i.e.: the one in the widget, like «28h 35m saved this year»), you can read about the sources and detailed process in our Science page.

TL;DR: The average internet user wastes ~5 minutes in each session on a social media platform, so each time Momoise blocks the distracting content it's effectively saving you somewhere around 5 minutes of your time.

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