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Start (and stick to) a digital detox.

Technology addiction is quickly becoming one of the greatest epidemics worldwide. The average internet user now spends 2.2 hours a day on social media, and this number hasn't stopped growing since it was first measured.

Break free of tech addiction.

Avoid getting distracted online. Momoise is a Chrome extension that not only tracks the time you've been spending on time wasting sites, but also acts actively on your digital addiction by blocking the most distracting parts of these sites. Stops you from mindlessly scrolling through social media.

Momoise's time bar explanation

Make every second count.

Measure the exact amount of time you waste and visually compare it to the whole year so you are always on control. It works in a way that only blocks the time wasting parts of the sites while maintaining all the productive functionality intact.

Live a healthier life.

Studies have shown that breaking free of tech addiction or following some sort of digital detox can help lower stress and anxiety levels, as well as prevent various kinds of brain damage and sleep issues.


Increase your focus, concentration and attention span.


Become the most productive person you know.

Mental health

Relieve stress and anxiety to become more calm and balanced.

Take back control of your time.

Boost your productivity and start browsing the web healthily.